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I am a Utah Newborn Photographer, and this is darling Henry from one of my most recent shoots! He had the sweetest temperament! Such a calm baby. I photograph a lot of newborns here in Salt Lake City, but he is the teeniest one I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Born at 5 lbs and left the hospital under 5lbs, it truly felt like working with a doll. I will be sharing some tips and tricks to get your baby to cooperate for their photo session!

First things first, try to keep them awake for 1-2 hours prior to your session. You can un-swaddle them, take off their clothes and tickle their feet. Try to talk to them! 🙂 it might seem like a hassle to keep them awake, but the longer you’re able to keep them awake, the more likely they are to sleep for their newborn photos versus if they’re sleeping at home, they may go through an awake period right while trying to take photos. Posed newborn sessions work much better when the baby is nice and sleepy.

Secondly, right before the session I would recommend feeding them so they have a full stomach, and changing them. We do have a little bit of wiggle room during our session, but if they arrive with a full stomach we can try to make the most of our time. I HIGHLY recommend bringing a pacifier. Even if your baby does not typically take one, I use one almost every session to get baby to sooth.

We usually turn up the heat in the studio, just a heads up 😉 it might get a little sweaty, but baby’s LOVE the heat. This helps them feel nice and cozy and relax.

Lastly, I do provide all props, swaddles, outfits, etc but if there is something you’re wanting to bring or use in the newborn photos, let me know! I am happy to incorporate anything you’d like to have.

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Salt Lake City Newborn Photographer, and Herriman Newborn Photographer. I offer Newborn photography in Utah.

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