Provo City Center Temple

Utah County Wedding Photographer

I photographed this beautiful bridal session and sealing at the Provo City Center Temple. I highly recommend my clients have at least part of their formal session done at the temple they’re getting sealed at! We can get a lot of gorgeous shots prior to the wedding day. Wedding days can be super busy, and it gives some peace of mind to know that you have a whole gallery of beautiful couples photos taken prior to the day of so you have less pressure on your wedding day. Also – depending on the time of day you are sealed, the lighting is not always as good! I love having sunrise or sunset photos for you to show off, because the harsh lighting for mid day ceremonies is not as flattering.

The Provo City Center Temple is one of my favorite temples to photograph! I LOVE the unique red brick and stained glass windows. As with all temples, the grounds are meticulously groomed and it’s overall just such a gorgeous place to have your formal session! It’s so fun for couples to have a first look session like this prior to the wedding, where you can see each others reaction with just the two of you (and my camera to capture 😉 ) but overall more of a close couples session.

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