Utah Engagement Photographer

Utah Engagement Photographer, Utah Couples Photographer.

Let’s talk couples photos! I often have couples tell me, “we’re awkward, we have no idea what to do” and that’s where my job gets fun. I have about a trillion poses and Pinterest board upon Pinterest boards for what to do for your session. The very first thing I recommend though is neutral colored outfits! Nothing against color, I do love color, but bright colors don’t photograph very well. This cute couple did perfect with black and olive green! Through the session I will give a series of funny prompts to help create genuine interactions and smiles, I love the candid and motion filled photographs. We of course will gather a few looking right at the camera because those are always frame worthy as well 😉 but when the whole gallery is just smiling into the camera it can definitely get a little awkward! Each time I am at this rooftop I remind myself that I need to come up here on a date with my husband, it’s so beautiful to watch the sun rise or set from up above Salt Lake City.

Utah Engagement Photographer Utah Engagement Photographer

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