South Jordan Family Photographer

I am a South Jordan Utah Family Photographer and I LOVED this recent session. I have been meaning to blog about outfits for family photos and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so! I often get asked “what should we wear?” and that’s a loaded question because there’s a LOT to that! It depends on weather ( we obviously want you to be comfortable ), depends on what color scheme you would want to have framed in your home, but most importantly we want to focus on what colors photograph well! Picking out coordinating outfits is a HUGE part of the session! When I was a new photographer people would come in bright red, orange etc or outfits with wording on the clothing – and although the people are darling, the outfits were not flattering. I want your images to turn out elegant and timeless and choosing the perfect outfits goes a long way to making your family portraits beautiful. One of my favorite things to do is look on Pinterest for coordinating outfit ideas and then from there you can browse similar outfits to purchase! I think sometimes when you tell people to wear coordinating outfits they think of the old school photos where everyone is in jeans and the exact same color t shirt, but that is no longer what we recommend as photographers. The outfits above are a fantastic example of coordinating, not matching 😉 I recommend finding outfits and colors that compliment each other, and colors that are neutral (brown, black, gray, white) or if they are colored, more muted colors tend to photograph much better such as pastels or colors that are not super bright.

South Jordan Utah Family Photographer

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