Utah Family Photographer

This darling session was captured up Middle Canyon in Tooele! I was very grateful to see there were still some orange tree’s in the mountains, I think it’s always hard to gauge how long we will have beautiful fall colors because they show off those stunning leaves and we pretty much have until the first really big snow storm and a lot of them fall off! If only it were a set date each year right? Come on Mother Nature. It doesn’t help that Utah’s weather can be rather unpredictable! Some years we get snow in October, and it feels like other years it’s rather dry into December and then snow all spring. Regardless of the weather, Middle Canyon is one of my favorite places for family photos here in Tooele County!

Utah Family Photographer

I have often had people ask me what they should wear to family photos, and I just may need to create a Pinterest board for this question. I have seen some photographers offer a styling guide and that would be useful as well. One of my favorite tips to give people is to wear more neutral colors (no, this does not mean you all need to wear gray, white, black and brown) you can totally have colors! Just more muted colors. I love the classic neutrals, but I also super love softer colors for photographing. Blue, green, pink and white are some of the colors I think photograph the best outside of the browns, grays, etc.

Salt Lake City Utah Family Photographer

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