Oquirrh Mountain Temple Wedding

When I started photography last year I had the opportunity to second shoot a sealing and another wedding, and then this wedding was officially my first solo! I have since had the opportunity to photography so many weddings and families, it has been such a fantastic experience to grow my career and learn from wonderful mentors. This temple is stunning! I don’t know if I will ever forget how hot this day was! After this wedding I decided it would be super nice on summer wedding days to pack a little cooler with ice waters. The summer is wedding season and although it’s a blast, it’s so important to stay hydrated and energized. I attended another wedding last summer where the bride thought she was going to pass out (seriously so exhausted and dehydrated and out of energy from a super hot wedding day). I have been creating lists of things that could come in handy on wedding days, I feel it’s so important to be prepared! Fun fact – I actually have Hypoglycemia. A condition where my blood sugar drops pretty rapidly, so I will almost always have crackers and water with me while I am working a wedding all day!

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